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The Benefits of GFP

  • 100% Canadian owned/operated
  • LEED + MPI approved
  • ZERO VOC (Green Seal), No Odour & Non-Toxic
  • Extra Low VOC and AlkylPhenol Ethoxylate (APE) Free colorant
  • Great coverage, workability + washability
  • ONE Paint Suitable for both Interior & Exterior
  • Unlimited colour selection + custom colour matching
  • Strictest Q.C. procedures ensure premium quality

Simply a low or even a no VOC paint was not enough for our green and healthy environment. If you are looking for a paint that is healthy for you and your family, you want a paint that is NON TOXIC.

The first thing you will immediately noticed when using Green Friendly Paint is that the paint didn't smell. Then when you applied the paint (if you are a painter or a DIY freak), you couldn't believe how smooth and easy the paint was. It just feels rich and you could tell instantly that this is quality paint. The paint cleaned up easy with only water.

Green Friendly Paint is Non-Toxic and is the best quality paint on the market. With over 1200 colors and different sheen for both interior and exterior paint, you will never use another brand...period

"DuROCK's Green Friendly Paint is a superior product that not only delivers the coverage you expect but also the protection you need.

It's odourless, contains no toxic biocides and features the latest technology in paint, including low VOCs, LEED, MPI and Green Seal Approved, with unlimited colour choices. 

And as part of DuROCK's commitment to keeping you and the planet healthy, DuROCK will donate a portion of the proceeds from every GFP product sold to Mount Sinai Hospital to benefit cancer research." – (Mike Holmes – Make it Right)

Green Friendly Paint offers a complete range of paint products ranging from primer to interior/exterior paint, industrial & special paint, energy efficient paint (TioCoat), etc.


750 L Series – Ultra-Low VOC, high quality pure acrylic interior/exterior paint

Primer 750L

A durable acrylic formulated for low VOC environmentally friendly product. Mold & Mildew Resistance. For use on unpainted surfaces including gypsum board, plaster, smooth concrete and previously painted porous surfaces. Excellent bonding and hiding for both interior and exterior applications.

Low Lustre 750L

A high quality acrylic paint for interior/exterior applications. For use on walls and ceilings of primed plaster, wallboard, wood, masonry and primed metal. Hiding and sheen are such that of one coat is usually sufficient.

Eggshell 750L

A high quality, pure acrylic paint designed for properly prepared interior/exterior surfaces. With its slight gloss, eggshell provides the benefits of flat with added cleanability. For use on walls of properly primed plaster, wallboard, wood, masonry and vinyl. High hiding is usually achieved in the application of one coat.

Semi Gloss 750L

100% pure acrylic. Ideal for interior/exterior areas with a tough washable semi-gloss finish is required. Great for wood, bathrooms, kitchen walls, and trims.