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about green friendly paint

GFP Intro

Green Friendly Paint is a non-toxic, ZERO VOC paint that provides the durability and coverage you expect from a premium paint without the off-gassing VOC's and cancer-causing toxins that emit year after drying. Strong, Safer, Smarter paint. Now that's a breath of fresh air.

Why GFP?

Safe for the Earth

It is estimated that a significant VOCs emitted from developed cities come from paints and other surface coatings. VOCs have been proven to react photochemically with sunlight to create smog. Fortunately for the planet now we have GFP Non Toxic Paint –the World's first high performance, zero-toxin, zero VOC paint. So now we can enjoy both our beautifully decorated homes and our beautiful planet.


Safe for Infants

Babies and young children exposed to high doses of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in indoor environments can be very harmful for their development. With GFP Non Toxic Paint, you can be rest assured your babies' bedroom are safe and beautiful during their development.

Safe for People

So we want to feel safe in our home, and we want it to be beautiful. And now we can have both. Thanks to GFP Non Toxic Paint you can decorate your home in the highest quality, most durable colours and know that you are getting nothing more. No toxic gasses that leak off into your home up to six years after application. No VOCs that can harm your family and deplete the ozone – nothing but gorgeous colours and peace of mind. So now you can go inside and get some fresh air.

Safe for Pets

So your home is safe for your family, but what about your best friend? Your dogs, cats and lovely pets can also be affected by the poor air quality in your home resulting from the off gassing that comes from VOC containing paints. You are wrong if you think the off-gassing will end after the new-paint smell wears off! Up to 50% of the toxic gasses and carcinogens from VOC containing paints leak into your home up to six years after it dries on your wall. Fortunately, GFP Non Toxic Paint contains zero-toxins, zero-carcinogens and zero VOCs – so your home can be their sanctuary too.


Green Friendly Paint (GFP), Canada is the world's most durable ZERO VOC paint range, officially available now in Asia. GFP is the first high performance non-toxic, environmental interior/exterior paint available. The paint was designed for the performance, durability, interior and exterior in one, non-toxicity, environmentally friendly and at the same time, reasonably priced.

Our History of Green Innovation

For over 30 years DuROCK has been a global leader in manufacturing the most advanced coatings and exterior building envelope systems that promote the sustainability of our environment. A key factor in the design of our state-of-the art manufacturing facility several years ago was the ability to constantly monitor our processes to improve operational performance, productivity and efficiency by reducing costs, energy consumption, waste and pollution.

Respected in the industry for quality, service and innovation we have expanded our knowledge of high-performance exterior coatings and developed a new line of interior Green Friendly Paints (GFP) that comply to the strictest regulations currently in place for LEED and MPI standards.

Durock Green Friendly Non-Toxic Paint, is the world's most durable ZERO VOC paint range, officially available now in Hong Kong, Macua and China, GFP is the first high performance non-toxic, environmental paint which can be used in both interior and exterior with utmost durability.

With over 1,200 colours, all Green Friendly Paint are tinted with Extra Low VOC and AlkylPhenol Ethoxylate (APE) Free colorant which makes VOC content less than 3 gram per litre for the tinted paint.